Featured Instruments...

crown placer remover
surgical mallet
surgicla mallet and crown placer remover

Crown Placer-Remover

Surgical Mallet

Placer-Remover and Mallet

crown splitter
surgical scissors
dental forcep 68

Crown Splitter *

LaGrange Curved
Surgical Scissor (11cm)

Adult Forceps #68

Interproximal Saw Kit
mouth gag
mouth prop

Interproximal Saw Kit
saw & abrasive blades

Mouth Gag
Child and Adult

Mouth Prop Kit
Small, Medium, & Large

micro surgery kit
crown scissors

Micro Surgery Kit
straight, 45°, & 90° tissue forceps

Crown Scissors
curved or straight


tissue forceps
brite light mirror

Bruenings or Minnesota

Tissue Forceps
14cm & 17cm

Brite Light Mirror

Instruments are 420 Stainless Steel with Satin Finish to Eliminate Reflection

*illistration shows the instrument can be used in reverse to seperate the contact
points between the teeth which can precede the use of the interproximal saw